An analysis of the yangtze river which is also called gorges dam

In January the CTGPC signed a memorandum of understanding with the Nature Conservancy allowing that organization to consult on species protection and river health in the dam area.

Chinese officials staged a sudden about-face, acknowledging for the first time that the massive hydroelectric dam, sandwiched between breathtaking cliffs on the Yangtze River in central China, may be triggering landslides, altering entire ecosystems and causing other serious environmental problems—and, by extension, endangering the millions who live in its shadow.

Fan Xiao, a geologist at the Bureau of Geological Exploration and Exploitation of Mineral Resources in Sichuan province, near several Yangtze tributaries, says the landslides are directly linked to filling the reservoir.

For example, the hanging coffins site high in the Shen Nong Gorge is part of the cliffs. S], [] [] [] about 1. The ancient architecture, dock and arches Paifang of Ming and Qing Dynasties always tell people the history of the town. To ward off an outbreak, Davis says, the government would have to prevent the use of night soil as fertilizer, build cement irrigation ditches, and ensure area villagers access to clean water.

Some said they received only half of the acreage they had been promised. This, in turn, seems to be causing a rise in the number of jellyfish, which compete with river fish for food and consume their eggs and larvae, thereby threatening native populations that are already dwindling as a result of overfishing.

The water is held back by the innate mass of the individual dam sections. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Despite the devastating results, the corporation three years later in September raised the water level further—to feet meters.

However, electricity demand has increased more quickly than previously projected. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as of Aprilmore than 50 new plants could treat 1.

The nascent islands lost 75 percent of their biological species within 15 years, according to research published in Science. Since then, the area has experienced a series of problems, including dozens of landslides along one mile kilometer stretch of riverbank.

Political analysts speculate that President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao are eager to distance themselves from a project they inherited. Harnessing the power of the Yangtze has been a goal since Nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen first proposed the idea in Drifting along the gorges by sitting in a rubber dinghy can add an extra dimension to the trip.

As there are separate sets of locks for upstream and downstream traffic, this system is more water efficient than bi-directional staircase locks.

Shennongjia, a nature reserve near the dam in Hubei province, is so undisturbed that it is famous for sightings of yeren, or "wild man"—the Chinese equivalent of "Big Foot"—as well as the only slightly more prosaic white monkey. The precipitous cliffs at the mouth face each other along the two banks making the gorge mouth look like the Kui Gate of Qutang Gorge.

The Three Gorges on the Yangtze River

The project has already contributed to the decline of the baiji dolphinwhich is so rare that it is considered functionally extinct.

Due to the sheer size of the dam, it is expected to withstand tactical nuclear strikes. The project is altering reproduction patterns, meaning it may already be too late for some plants and animals.

Government-funded institutions have been quietly assessing possible recourses. At the very least, [a river] is also important for shipping, alleviating pollution, sustaining species and ecosystems, and maintaining a natural evolutionary balance. But in September, the government official in charge of the project admitted that Three Gorges held "hidden dangers" that could breed disaster.

As a result, damage to an individual section should not affect other parts of the dam. Though it was close to this level even at the start of construction, the dam further decreased its habitat and increased ship travel, which are among the factors causing what will be its ultimate demise.

Each of them is made up of five stages, with transit time at around four hours. In fact, Government Chinese scholars even claim that the Three Gorges Dam directly caused the extinction of the baiji.

It is home to 6, species of plants, which belong to families and genera. About 3, yards long, it refers to the section of river from the west pass of Wu Gorge to the Yinwo Tan.

But the function of any river, including the Yangtze, is not only to produce power. That biodiversity is threatened as the dam floods some habitats, reduces water flow to others, and alters weather patterns.

They also hoped that moving might resolve land allocation issues: Millions of people live downstream of the dam, with many large, important cities like WuhanNanjingand Shanghai situated adjacent to the river.

This place is therefore reputedly known as the Little Kui Gate. According to Fan, changing the water level strains them. Some take the form of the monkey fishing for the moon and some look like Kwan-yin sitting on the lotus platform.

It is the most graceful and charming of the Three Gorges, known for its forest covered mountains and changeable clouds and mists wreathing around the tops. Almost all infectious diseases are up for grabs.

China's Three Gorges Dam: An Environmental Catastrophe?

For the best time of year to travel see Yangtze River Weather.The Wushan Three Little Gorges also called Daning River Three Little Gorges, zigzags about 31 miles from Wushan County in the south to the Dachang Ancient Town in the north.

It refer to the three gorges of the lower reaches of Daning River (the largest branch of Yangtze River) in Wushan County.

The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric gravity dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping, in Yiling District, Yichang, Hubei province, China. The Three Gorges Dam is the world's largest power station in terms of installed capacity (22, MW). The dam was designed to greatly improve flood control on the river and protect the 15 million people and million acres of farmland in the lower Yangtze flood plains 1, but the social and environmental consequences of the project have been devastating.

The dam has significantly reduced the potential for flooding from the Yangtze River that has destroyed homes, villages, and taken thousands of lives. The Three Gorge Dam also increases shipping down the Yangtze River, which has been used for hundreds of years as a trade route for vessels.

Three Gorges Dam case study The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Yangtze River, and is the worlds largest power station. As well as providing electricity, the dam is also being used to help increase the shipping capacity of the river, as well as reduce the risk of potential floods downstream by acting as a flood storage space.

Despite the Three Gorges dam's growing list of problems, however, hydropower remains an integral—and ostensibly green—component of China's energy mix. China still draws 82 percent of energy from coal, but large dams are crucial to the country's climate change program, which aims to increase its proportion of electricity from renewable resources .

An analysis of the yangtze river which is also called gorges dam
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