At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive essay

They also have poor cognitive ability that impairs them from rightfully recognizing dangerous situations. Arguments for Teenage Driving There are numerous reasons for supporting teenage drivers on the roads. Many opponents of teenage drivers argue that it is necessary to raise the driving age to avoid accidents caused by teenage driving.

For example, if you usually drive your children to sporting events or practices, your teen may be able to take over that task. Leaving such individuals to drive is very risky since they will be in their continuous process of learning. Besides the deaths, about of teenagers suffered serious injuries from car crashes that necessitated their admission in emergency departments.

It would be better to prohibit teenage driving instead of exercising discriminatory favors extended in lines of academic performance. It is essential to wear sun glasses where necessary.

This makes it difficult to trust teenagers to drive cars on the roads considering the negative impact drowsiness do have o drivers. There some teenagers who may have low school grades but have excellent physical and judgmental ability that can enable them manage car on the road.

You may be doing all of the driving for your household, but when your teen learns to drive safely, you can delegate some driving responsibilities to your teenager if you feel comfortable doing so.

This can result to poor road communication and response that can lead to accidents on the road. When with other passengers in the car, distractions to teenage drivers may result from stories and charting that may demand for their contribution.

Many teenager always dream of owning a car. Everyone will agree that teens need the ability to drive just like anyone else. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, teens are more likely than any other group to be involved in a car accident. I am extremely interested in electronics, but that interest does not stop at just electronics; it extends to computers.

In many cases, peer influence have forced youths into drinking and abuse of drugs and related substance. It is essential to introduce teenagers to driving in low-risk situations and lifting the restrictions to grant them greater responsibility.

Some are usually presents offered in form of appreciation to the kid. The fact that teenagers are young members of society and who have little life experience is enough to disqualify them as drivers.

At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive? Essay

Many adults presently believe that they can drive without even going for the driving courses. This has seen teenage drivers over-speed and make emergency breaks even when not necessary. This is a recipe that causes huge number of accidents on the roads.

Some also consider driving as games where they try various skills through dangerous and unsafe practices. As far as my career goals, there are two areas in which I would love to work.

Conversely, for teenagers to process complex and numerous messages, they requires a lot of time. Conversely, they fail to indicate that a very high percentage of adults also cause accidents. When allowed to drive, drunk teenage drivers will obviously involve in fatal accidents. Do this, and your chances of succeeding in your endeavours will be greatly enhanced.

Those opposing teen driving base their claims on the statistics, which indicate that teenagers are more likely to get into accidents than adults. Another reason why youths should not drive relates to their exposure to strong peer influence.

Many teenagers with technological knowhow are likely to use a data-driven and research based driver education program to become excellent drivers. Insurance premiums charged on bright students who obtained good grades in schools are likely to be lower than their counterparts who obtained low grades.

This high-tech company work is very similar to the work at NASA. Driving using glasses is also recommended, but young people without eye problems are better placed in terms of good eyesight.

This is why most teens strive to get behind the wheels without considering the consequences that may come with driving.

Teenage Driving Argumentative Essay

Teenagers are extremely flexible and are likely to very quick decisions while driving. How to cite this page Choose cite format: This is why raising driving age or stopping the teenagers from driving is likely to cause numerous challenges to the lives of most youths.

This means that teenagers are also less receptive to traffic rules and highly vulnerable to make wrong decisions on the road. I enjoy every aspect of electrical engineering.Children Should Not Be Allowed to Drive Until Age Eighteen The legal age at which individuals can drive varies in different countries; in some places teenagers are not allowed to drive until they are 18 while at some countries such as America, 15 or younger is a legal age to drive.

Inthere were over 2,teen driving accidents and 6, deaths ("Am I Safe?"). One out of three teens has an accident during their first year of driving ("Am I Safe?"). As a result of these findings, the Department of Motor Vehicles believes that the driving. Driving is an important milestone that allows teenagers to transition from childhood into adulthood independently.

Having access to a drivers license means that your child can get from point A to point B alone -- and this is of major importance to most teenagers. “With in coming years a record million teens will be eligible to drive once the peak of the 'Baby Boom-let' hits driving age by the end of this decade.” In there were teen drivers, in a the number rose to teenagers eligible(O’Donnell).

Driving is a risky business for teenagers. Though the teenagers spend less time driving than all other age groups except the elderly, teenage drivers have disproportionately high rates of.

When many teenagers reach the age of 15 ½ they are allowed to officially take their permit test to receive their permit for driving with an adult. After they have officially turned 16 they may take the behind-the wheel driving exam for a driver’s license, but the USA plans to change the driving age from 16 to

At what age should teenagers be allowed to drive essay
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