Best tablet for business presentations

The Acer Switch 5 is one of the best business tablets for any professional who need to get work done on the go, and save some cash at the same time. But more than just stagecraft, presenting side-by-side sends a powerful message: In this regard, the tablet can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Intel Pentium Gold Y Graphics: How would you like to spend the hour? Microsoft Surface Pro 2. A tablet is a technology that can be leveraged for a variety of engaging media presentations, from interactive video to communicating and interviewing other individuals across the globe.

When we get nervous or unsure of ourselves, often we revert to reading the content aloud or narrating the collateral. Place the tablet on the table and sit shoulder-to-shoulder as you present.

Best Business Tablets for Entrepreneurs 2018

Intel Core m7, i5 or i7 Graphics: Other than the standard keyboard, the Transformer also has a docking station, a stylus and even a trusted platform module TPM for improved security within an enterprise setting. Acer Switch 5 9.

By introducing multimedia into your presentation, you can quickly convey ideas without saying them aloud. Or would you rather guide your learning, taking the conversation in the direction most interesting to you?

This communicates openness and confidence. But which is best? Playing a video gives you an opportunity to stop talking and let the device do the selling. Touchscreen devices are great to use in tight spaces, such as the cramped rush hour commute, and the capabilities are improving every year with manufacturers adding neat business apps to make it easier to work outside of the office.

What size do you need, and which operating system works best for your workforce? Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 8. For the sake of clarity, we will only look at pure tablets, and detachables when it comes to convertibles.

It gives your audience a few minutes to catch their breath and then re-engage you on their terms. Just remember to respect their space.

Best Tablets for 2018

To avoid using the content as a crutch, remember to periodically put down the tablet and look into the eyes of your audience. Most of us would prefer the latter. Here are five tips for engaging and effective tablet presentations: Asus Transformer 3 Pro They have become an almost essential tool for some, with many organisations introducing a tablet and a detachable keyboard instead of the standard laptop or even a desktop PC.

Apple iPad Pro 3. The new and improved Surface Pen and Type Cover makes this a brilliant business tablet that can be used as a laptop replacement, and it comes in a range of specifications, which makes choosing the right model for your business and personal needs easy.

Like Fujitsu, HP made sure that its product was designed with enterprise users in mind.

Best business tablets to buy in 2018

Not in the business space, at least. Slide shows let you navigate left-right-left, on a single level of information. Most presenters talk too much; the audience zones out in the abundance of information.

Eye contact is key — if you avoid their eyes, you will seem to lack confidence or preparedness. Intel Core mY75 Graphics: These mobile wonders are powerful, yet portable, and they can help you keep productive while out on the road, without having to lug around a big laptop. You have little time to make an impression.

Android 7 Screen size: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet 4. Aficionados will love it while others might balk at the price — this is vintage ThinkPad at its finest. The tablet presentation app is there to support the conversation, not to supplant it.

Not everything about the design is perfect - such as the hinge - but overall this is a tempter with a great keyboard and screen.

Also have a read of our guide on how to choose a tablet for work 1. An interactive and non-linear tablet presentation will always be naturally more engaging than a simple PowerPoint slideshow or cue card script.It doesn't matter if you go for the in version or the larger in model, the iPad Pro is hands down the best business tablet on the market.

Apple. Best Tablets of - Lab Tested Reviews by A properly utilized tablet can completely transform your business presentations. A tablet is a technology that can be leveraged for a variety of engaging media presentations, from interactive video to communicating and interviewing other individuals across the globe.

The idea of using an easy-to-tote tablet for work appeals to you. You can use it for email, note-taking, presentations, accessing the Web, and other business tasks-. May 31,  · Best Tablets for Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews.

If you use our links to buy, we may get a commission. 8 Tablets for Business: the Pros and Cons your choice can depend on how you plan to use a tablet -- making presentations, processing transactions or reading documents. 5 Things to Consider.

Best tablet for business presentations
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