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Businesses aspiring to convey those brand values, should consider circle logos in their logo or branding. The choice of color - vibrant hue of red - makes the logo easy to recognise. Take a look and gather your own ideas for creating amazing circle logos for projects that need to portray any of the emotional messages that circles convey.

Martin Cristie in his article on Creative Bloq points out that circles have a positive meaning and suggest friendship, love, unity, stability, endurance, and sometimes even femininity. A circle is unending, which is why it can also signify infinity or wholeness or even protection.

Working with international branding agency Lipponcott, Starbucks launched a new logo which dropped letters altogether to promote the idea of a brand beyond coffee. This eye-catching shape is everywhere in nature, art and the built environment.

The Starbucks brand wants to be seen as a responsible company in regards to creating a positive impact in neighborhoods and across the world. It can also be used to represent other round objects, such as wheels, balls, rings, or certain round fruit. Circles are often used to convey a much deeper meaning than a simple round object, however.

From architecture to crafts like textiles, jewellery and industrial design, we find circles at every turn. In this case, it is the cursive "p" with the circular curve that lends to the femininity of the design, which works with the fact that the majority of users are female.

The simple yet effective logo looks like a target and pin combined. Best of the Rest: This latest iteration sees the logo flattened out to portray its depth and stability acquired over the years, as well as its leadership in modern skin care development.

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The visual bookmarking company aims to connect every person in the world through anything they find interesting. The simple circular shape is easy to recognize and also portrays the global message of strength, timelessness, characteristics that are important to the category leader.

Design Review The first five logos listed below come with an analysis of why a circular design is a simple yet effective shape to convey brand attributes and values.

The circular lines around the globe give a technical feel as well as further support the global connection message. Shape as Metaphor The popularity of circular graphics began in ancient times and, as Vanseo Design points out, is still a cross-cultural archetype used to represent celestial bodiessuch as the sun and moon.

The double rings on the circle gives it an even stronger message of stability, which is another important message that WordPress hopes to send. The circular mermaid graphic is enclosed within the circular brand name graphic, which is then also enclosed within a circular stroke.

In when SPC acquired the brand, the new company hired global branding agency Interbrand to unite the new companies and overhaul the brand. The circles within circles really enhance the Starbucks tagline:Shop eBay for great deals on Collectible Pens & Writing Instruments.

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Musgrave Harvest and Hermitage red and blue combo pencils are remarkably similar in quality, while the Hermitage Thin Red pencil stands out as being softer and more erasable.

2. I prefer the bright color of the Mitsu-bishi and Caran d'Ache Bi Color, but the Bi Color is a clear front runner because it erases MUCH better. Add tags to your selection: 3d 45deg a ac accent acronym aigreen almostred animal apostrophe arms arrow b ball balloon basketball bat bell benettongreen bird black blitz book bootsblue bridge brushstroke bull c castle cat cc checkerboard checkmark child chrome circles claw clock coaster compass condor corn cow crane crimson crocodile.

A Moment in Pencil History: Indelible Pencils. easy-to-use writing instruments that were simpler to use than the fountain pens that were otherwise considered the norm at time. that’s where I mixed spit and pencil. One end of my favorite such poison pencil was blue and the other was red.

LOL. No wonder I’m slightly brain dented. Beautiful Cursive Logo. Business, Instant Logo Maker. Red Pencil Design Logo with the following themes: Drawing, Writing, Cursive, Art, Creating, Creation Logo Portfolio Photoshop Preset Photoshop Plugin Photoshop Layer Styles Bevel layer style Circle Heart Blue Black Layer Style Star green Outlines layer style Hearts Red Flat Layer.

Apr 21,  · Logo quiz level 1 and two help please!!? I am stuck on: Level one: 1) the small C and big K 2) the blue ticket. Level 2 1) the backwards R with a star in it 2) the butterfly 3) looks like wings, green stipe through it 4) red C or L not sure Resolved.

Blue pencil writing a circle logo red
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