Course expectations essay

It is important to listen and speak Spanish with as much clarity as possible. To continue the comparisons of the Spanish and native languages. If I knew how to use more things in technolgy then I would.

In regards to what I am anxious to explore, I can say I definitely classify myself as the lowest level "digital immigrant" out there at this time. I would like to become more technology savvy and ways to implement techonolgy programs in Course expectations essay classroom.

Over the years, I have grown fond of learning the English Language and of using it as a means of communication. I hope that I learn to master not only Course expectations essay of the basics of technology, such as word, but that I also learn to intigrate and keep up with the changing technologies.

The Syllabus: Course Policies / Expectations

I will enjoy taking what I learn from this class and being able to use it in other grad classes. Since it is the universal language and our third tongue, it is important for us Filipinos to be adept English speakers. I think that time managment in the classroom has become very important as the size of classes and number of different learning styles has cahnged in the recent past.

What are you anxious about? To value the study of the Spanish language for personal enrichment.

Course Expectations

I am anxious about really being able to be creative enough to utilize what I learn in interesting and engaging ways to my students. At the present time, my technology knowledge is minimal, but growing leaps and bounds every day by just trying applications that I have learned in class, to this point.

I have started a few computer based lessons and found my students did more "playing" than working, of course my students who were higher achievers were pretty much on task. I am excited about learning how to use the programs we will be utilizing, also how this class will enhance my experiences for future employers.

I think I will really learn alot from this class because it is so hands on and I feel like I can grasp the big ideas. Active listening skills require that all outside distractions be minimized; therefore, please do not expect to use a personal cell phone or I-pod. I think this class will help me grow as a student and future teacher.

English is an interesting subject and I would like to keep my passion for learning it, if not increase it, as I study higher English.

I have heard numerous stories and experiences from college students that most college professors are indifferent towards their students. The message is clear, keep trying and exploring, and when you mess up call Dr. I will be able to apply skills learned in this class in most, if not all, of my other classes.

To increase oral and written comprehension in Spanish.

Technology has changed a lot since we were in the classroom, and although I may be knowledgable about technology, it is not the same as knowing how to use that technology in the classroom to benefit students. To contrast Hispanic cultures with individual ethnic backgrounds.

Course expectations

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Course expectations: Attend and participate in all 26 scheduled classes, including the Thursday class in the week before Thanksgiving break.

The only acceptable reasons for missing class are (1) personal illness, and (2) family emergency. The focus is communication in Spanish, incorporating further understanding of Hispanic cultures, connecting with other disciplines, comparing native language to Spanish, and participating in multicultural communities.

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What are your expectations for this course? What do you want and/or need to get out of it? What are you anxious about? What are you excited about? This course has taught me a lot of about how to learn.

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Course expectations essay
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