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Complementing your field research Statistical data from the CBS may confirm and strengthen your interview findings. Twitter can be used to investigate issues such as how often a particular topic is discussed. Examples of information sources Numerous sources are available for conducting desk research.

Desk research can be used to determine if this is indeed true, as well as to identify what may be causing the lower turnover e. Seminal Research has extensive experience in conducting desk research projects using various tailor-made analytical tools to ensure a fast extraction of the desired data with minimum time consumption.

While not every traveler submits an official complaint, many complain via Twitter. A source for reliable reports and databases from leading technical publishers and professional organizations that focus on engineering.

Every country has its own national statistics office. We at Seminal Research have a tailored approach towards your desk research requirement which comprises of searching for information using existing resources, such as the press, the Internet, analytical reports and statistical publications.

Were sales always down at this time of the year, or is the phenomenon new to the current year?

Desk Research

Your desk research has revealed that online sports equipment shops in the Netherlands all had to deal with declining customer numbers and conversions last year.

Also, try using combinations of keywords and translations if you are researching in multiple languages. Indicating where you obtained the data will ensure that you do not commit plagiarism. Process the information you have gathered to answer your research question. The result of the research allows us to provide the client with business recommendations.

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Desk research may also be referred to as a literature reviewbut it is actually not quite the same. You can thus return to desk research to support your field research. You can instead utilize existing information and data that has already been collected by others i. A research databank for management and marketing publications, with a focus primarily on economic research fields.

But what was the cause?

How to perform desk research

For example, the website of the CBS the Dutch National Statistics Office contains a vast array of statistics concerning the Netherlands that can be easily searched to find data relevant to a particular topic. Always take care to properly acknowledge your sources. A database for educational institutions that contains articles from reliable news sources.Desk research is the process of collecting readily available information in the public domain and then using it for study purposes.

The data gained can be either external or internal, but either way it is referred to as secondary data. Desk research is a commonly used technique for organizations. A GUIDE TO DESK RESEARCH Desk Research is what professional researchers use to describe tracking down useful existing pre-published information.

If you need assistance using it, submit a ticket via the main IT page and someone from our research department will get in touch with you: Prerequisites to this guide: 1) If you do not have an account on our research server, put in a request with our service desk for an account on the research server Sep 08,  · Literature research is focused on acquiring theoretical knowledge about a concept or topic, whereas desk research is used to gather facts and existing research data that help to answer your research question/5(35).

La clientèle du vin Wine is the most consumed alcoholic drink in France 81% of the french people from 18 to 75 years old drank wine during the year Desk Research refers to secondary research, which involves the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research rather than primary research, where data is collected from, for example, research subjects or experiments.

Desk research la client le du
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