Editorial writing about anti-bullying activist spreads message of kindness

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For Washington County resident Amanda Hawley, there was no question her daughter recently had been targeted and victimized by a classmate. Common examples of bullying include direct behaviors such as teasing, taunting, hitting, threatening, destroying property and forcing someone to do something against their will.

If a school administrator is not in the building, then a report can be made to a school counselor. George Police Department public information officer Lona Trombley confirmed this. In addition, according to research cited by the coalition, 1 in 10 teenagers bullied at school have attempted suicide, and another 30 percent have thought about doing some form of self-harm.

Intervention and discipline Once notification has taken place, parents should follow up to make sure the problem has been appropriately addressed and dealt with.

It happens at any time or place, including in the virtual world of cyberspace. Hawley later told St. In an email to St. A text about the young founder of WeStopHate, an anti-bullying advocacy group that helps kids strengthen their self-esteem. We want them to feel safe so they can sit down and focus on what they need to learn in that classroom.

December 7, Stock image, St. Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist. Identifying behaviors Before prevention or intervention can take place, the problem behavior needs to be identified.

An article on how the courage to speak out about being the victim of vicious bullying resulted in unlikely fame and activism. Reporting If bullying is suspected, the first step is to report it. George News, Dulaney said: We should be feeling safe to let our young children go to school, not scared.

George News in an interview that she promptly reported the incident to school officials, saying it was the second time the same boy had done that to her daughter.

Editorial: Putting up a fight against bullying

GEORGE — When a child comes home from school in tears or is unusually quiet, parents often are left to wonder what is really going on. This article is about a young girl that gives abandoned animals a second chance at life at her local animal shelter.

In her original message to St. The rash of teen suicides in late hit home for Corey Bernstein, himself a victim of homophobic bullying.

Then, they should contact the principal to address their concerns and make sure the problem is being resolved. Both Iron and Washington county school districts recommend starting with notifying the classroom teacher and moving on to school counselors or administrators as necessary.

Clicking the button pulls up an online form that can be filled out anonymously. Parents should pay close attention to what their children say and how they act, watching for any signs of negative behaviors or activities, along with any sudden or unusual changes in demeanor.

Maya Penn started her first company when she was 8 years old, and thinks deeply about how to be responsible both to her customers and to the planet. Dunham said in the event a parent feels like a situation has not been appropriately addressed, they are welcome to contact the district for additional follow-up.

Indirect bullying behaviors include slandering, spreading rumors, excluding and manipulating. Such an imbalance between the bully and their target may either be real or perceived.

The Daily Show - Extended Interview - Malala Yousafzai Alex Lin started an electronic waste recycling drive to recycle technology and reduce toxic waste in his town. She shares her story -- and some animations, and some designs, and some infectious energy -- in this charming talk.

Iron County School District Superintendent Shannon Dulaney said it also applies if a parent believes their student is the one doing the bullying. Without retaliating or further engaging the bully, the bullied person should save any evidence — such as text messages, notes or photos that will help document the issue — and then tell a trusted adult in a position of authority.

This progressed to refurbishing the technology and using it to help his community and others around the world. In the case of school bullying, it might be happening in any number of places outside the classroom, including the bus, restrooms, locker rooms, hallways, playgrounds and anyplace where close adult supervision might not be present.

Experts say an imbalance of power is the underlying impetus for most bullying behavior. The boy allegedly responsible for the incident reportedly received a three-day suspension from school, but Hawley said she felt she was not given enough opportunity to share her concerns with the principal and teacher, both of whom Hawley said suggested that her daughter was at least partially to blame.

By sharing his experiences, he is educating students, teachers, and legislators how to ensure schools are safe environments for everyone, while promoting a world where nobody is silenced for being who they are. Authorities suggest the following steps: In addition to suspension from school, other potential disciplinary outcomes may include loss of athletic eligibility or other extracurricular privileges, expulsion and even criminal charges.

Every adult employee at every school can take a report of bullying from students.May be reproduced for classroom use. by ucy Calkins and Colleagues from the TCRWP from nits of Study in Argument, Information, and arrative Writing, Grades (rsthand: Portsmouth NH). • Supporting Education and Activism on Malala Day, Girls Education, text 2 “Supporting Education and Activism on Malala Day.” By Sarah.

"Corey Bernstein, High School Junior and LGBTQ/Anti-Bullying Activist." DeVote Campaign, August 25, The rash of teen suicides in late hit home for Corey Bernstein, himself a victim of homophobic bullying.

An article on how the courage to speak out about being the victim of vicious bullying resulted in unlikely fame and activism. • Anti-bullying activist spreads message of kindness through organization.

r Alex Libby, Bullying, Teen Activist “Life after Bully: Teenage Star of Hit Documentary Finally Escapes His Tormentors and Finds Happiness in New School.”.

‘Milk’ Screenwriter and LGBT Activist Creates a Powerful Anti-Bullying Campaign for Coke Dustin Lance Black and the case for compassion. • Anti-bullying activist spreads message of kindness through organization, bullying, text “Anti-Bullying Activist Spreads Message of Kindness.” By Nia McMillan.

Editorial writing about anti-bullying activist spreads message of kindness
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