Effect of tv serials on indian women

I can point out any single show it is understandable that which shows are good or which are bad for you. Television is called an idiot box that is going to show something or else the whole day. Everything taken with a negative attitude may bring negative results while everything taken in a positive manner may keep us happy and satisfied.

As there are some motivational shows and informative shows also which will help you a lot on understanding the reality of the life and such shows sometimes encourage the people a lot so you should graps such things not that abusive and bad things.

Some serials are such that they develop both good and bad effective on human mind as those shows Effect of tv serials on indian women a character who plays role like villan and another character who play a role of hero. And the few shows with strong male characters who do something more than romance are obsessed with rape — both fan-favorite Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo and newer entry Bairi Piya have been building up to the rapes of their female leads for quite some time now.

Hence the primacy of women in Indian TV serials. We tend to judge others based on these created archetypes.

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A man must take care of business and earn for the family, but the role of a woman is restricted to the boundaries of her home and the family. Watching them have become a part of our daily lives. But some people also love villan character and think in similar way as a villan thinks and this is the initial step of developing bad thoughts on mind.

The roles, in which women are shown, sometimes become unrealistic. The few women who are shown as independent or working outside their home are either forced into it, unhappy, bitchy, or just find it another venue for romance. Here one more thing is their that if you watch such channels then you will be more curious to know different things and hence your mind will think more on that and it is some where possible that you will become intelligent.

Earlier, I used to wonder why do they show such kind of stories where families kill or ditch each-other or make evil plans, but then, after watching shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India and from the newspapers, it seems they are just showing that is actually happening in real world.

Source However, if a woman is ambitious and stands equal to a man, she is portrayed in a bad light. Lets look at women in the media today.

The Women Of Indian Television

In daily soaps every thing is not negative as there are some positive aspects also which can even help you in some way. How Different channels can help you to develop your mind in positive and how other channels like reality shows and other similar shows can create a bad impact on your mind.

Now what will be the effect of such shows on viewers mind will definitely going to depend upon that which type of show you generally watching. A larger-than-life picture of many aspects of Indian society and its culture are portrayed in these serials: If there are bad things, there are good things too in television and also in most things.

But the question is, do these serials portray the real India and its women? Here we divide the serial and hence will get more clarification over the effect. Maybe she stumbled across a rape fantasy with high TRPs or took a look in the mirror and realized that there is a distinct difference between her contemporaries on television and herself?

And in both of them, the primary antagonist is played by a woman — and not the fan-the-flames-from-behind-the-purdah kind either. Maa-sa and Amma-ji are widowed matriarchs, ruling their households and their villages from the front, whose fondness for their sons is easily balanced with the violence with which they can crush any threatened revolt, especially from the other women in the family.

It is not a goodness class that also entertains, but an entertainment program that also have goodness as well as badness. I think the parents should be blamed if their children are learning anything wrong from these serials and if they are watching these serials for hours with their parents.

Furthermore, the logic goes that women respond better to women as protagonists and antagonists but would like a man to occasionally fantasize about.

Negative effects of Indian television serials.

Either way, their general purpose is to stand around, looking attractive, while women from every socio-economic strata across India endlessly fall in love, take part in elaborate wedding ceremonies, struggle to fit in with monstrous in-laws, suffer disappointment and betrayal, labor for justice, etc.

If that sounds harsh, turn on your TV and check it out for yourself. Effect of daily soap and serials There are lots and lots of serials or daily soaps which are entertaining a huge mass and not only entertaining them but also affecting their minds in different ways.Aug 20,  · Attitudes about women in rural India remain, shall we say, traditional: Women are expected to cook and clean and to have lots of babies.

Surveys from to show that rural Indian women don.

Impact of serial/daily soaps on Indian people both good and bad effects

Effect Of Tv Serials On Indian Women. PORTRAYAL OF INDIAN WOMEN THROUGH TELEVISION SERIALS Tender and the media is a subject that is being discussed frequently.

The portrayal of gender as a product and the accompanying body politic in the media is well documented. Nov 03,  · People especially Indian women are addicted to TV serials,its because of their ignorance and extra pleasure time which is of no productive outputs. However,ts possible to simulcast good serials like the biography of famous persons, historical events visualizing stories,epics,instances etc.

Apr 07,  · In the history of indian society & culture, one thing that would stand out for contaminating the mindsets of today's generation (Both young and Old alike) would be indian tv serials. without prejudice they are hell bent on dividing the indian scoiety, ripping it of it its social and moral values and tresspassing the limits of killarney10mile.com: Resolved.

Effects Of Television Serials On Indian Women. PORTRAYAL OF INDIAN WOMEN THROUGH TELEVISION SERIALS Tender and the media is a subject that is being discussed frequently.

Women In Daily Soaps: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The portrayal of gender as a product and the accompanying body politic in the media is well documented. Women In Daily Soaps: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly A good woman, according to Indian serials, is an ideal homemaker.

As Marry Wollstonecraft once stated "It is time to effect .

Effect of tv serials on indian women
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