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This sign I have had ever since I was a child. Often have you heard that told.

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I will tell you the reason of this. Vincent van GoghDutch painter Its not enough, to know, one should also use; its not enough to want, one should also act. While I have done my best to verify the biographical information presented here, celebrities are often misquoted and misrepresented.

What do you mean to say, Meletus, that they are able to instruct and improve youth? Please report inaccuracies and supporting documentation of your concerns to socialskills reneegilbert. I regard Famous or not as a proof that what has happened to me is a good, and that those of us who think that death is an evil are in error.

With the help of therapy Donny learned to "play with his fear instead of running from it. We enter, as it were, into his body and become in some measure the same person with him.


Heinrich HeineGerman poet The British Enlightenment represents "the sociology of virtue," the French "the ideology of reason," the American "the politics of liberty".

When I do not know whether death is a good or an evil, why should I propose a penalty which would certainly be an evil? For this fear of death is indeed the pretence of wisdom, and not real wisdom, being the appearance of knowing the unknown; since no one knows whether death, which they in their fear apprehend to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.

They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. Why should we expect earnings to rise in a straight line upward. There is no such thing as absolute value in this world. For the strong arm of that oppressive power did not frighten me into doing wrong; and when we came out of the rotunda the other four went to Salamis and fetched Leon, but I went quietly home.

Blaise PascalFrench mathematician and philosopher, inventor of the calculator Our self-interest is a beautiful tool to throw dust in our eyes in a pleasant way.

One who has reached my years, and who has a name for wisdom, whether deserved or not, ought not to debase himself. Settle the good cases; and 3. English Proverb Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.

O my friend, why do you who are a citizen of the great and mighty and wise city of Athens, care so much about laying up the greatest amount of money and honor and reputation, and so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?

To him I may fairly answer: She [nature] laid their foundation therefore in sentiment, not science. When the book was released, it sold over 2 million copies and this made it one of the bestsellers in Canada.

Yamamoto TsunetomoJapanese samurai warrior and Buddhist priest contributed by Nate Baber To permit a large number of men to live free of charge is to encourage laziness and all the disorders that follow; it is to render the condition of the idler preferable to that of the man who works There can be no more fitting reward than maintenance in the Prytaneum, O men of Athens, a reward which he deserves far more than the citizen who has won the prize at Olympia in the horse or chariot race, whether the chariots were drawn by two horses or by many.

For I am quite sure that into whatever place I go, as here so also there, the young men will come to me; and if I drive them away, their elders will drive me out at their desire: Henri David ThoreauAmerican poet and philosopher The principle of self-interest rightly understood is not a lofty one, but it is clear and sure.

During his introduction on the show, he was heard saying that he currently lives outside Waterloo. Hitherto the familiar oracle within me has constantly been in the habit of opposing me even about trifles, if I was going to make a slip or error about anything; and now as you see there has come upon me that which may be thought, and is generally believed to be, the last and worst evil.

Johann Wolfgang von GoetheGerman poet and Nature philosopher After all, everybody only hears what he understands. Speak then, you who have heard me, and tell your neighbors whether any of you have ever known me hold forth in few words or in many upon matters of this sort.

Grant, First Inaugural Address, 4 Mar.

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Is not the exact opposite of this true?Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6). Tux Paint is used in schools around the world as a computer literacy drawing activity.

It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. This list is of some of the famous people with aneurysms (aortic or cerebral).

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Some have been lucky not to die, others, well, not so much. Your source for quotations from famous people and literature. Search or browse over 27, quotations from thousands of authors.

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