Is the court system fair

And neither state nor federal courts reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. There is also the question here of state laws that do not address the fact that a disabled person who has visitation, but is not a primary resident parent, should be permitted to receive state help, so that they may feed and provide necessities to a visiting child and not be forced to refuse a visit for lack of food and standard medicine that they cannot afford, as there is no state provision for this eventuality.

But the promise of evenhanded justice in America is increasingly at risk. In most cases, people plead guilty and take a lesser punishment regardless of their culpability because the risks of losing at trial is far too risky.

In America, however, this is just standard practice. Moreover, punishments are not allocated equally. The President has repeatedly questioned the authority and legitimacy of federal judges. The idea behind our justice system is that everyone gets his or her day in court, but that is rarely how things play out anymore.

I think that Americans are facing enough hardships through bad government and should not have to find more in our court system, where we expect to find fairness, compassion and justice. Is there a guideline for those who defend themselves due to the inability to find counsel?

The truth, however, is that the court system is flawed in just about every way imaginable. This leaves judges beholden to their private interest campaign financiers, which has unsurprisingly led to a surge of decisions in favor of corporations rather than individuals. But judicial selection has increasingly become politicized— particularly in the 38 states with judicial elections.

These are questions that I have addressed to the state judicial board and received no reply, so I must address them here. Since maximizing profits for this industry requires stuffing as many bodies into the jails as possible, that means the demand for new inmates is always high.

Here are six ways the U. When Americans see or experience a failure of the system, then we must take action lest it spread unchecked and do irreparable damage to those who deserve better. For-Profit Prisons Why does the U. Outdated judicial conduct rules mean many judges regularly hear cases involving major campaign supporters.

Corrupted by Campaign Money Think legislators are the only elected officials whose positions have been compromised by the Citizens United decision and the subsequent need to appeal to campaign donors? Despite similar drug usage rates, black people are four times more likely to be arrested on marijuana charges.

6 Reasons the US Justice System Is Anything But Just

By disproportionately locking them up more often and longer to reinforce the idea that they are criminals.

Are there flags in place if a man or woman returns to court on custody issues more than twice, in which the chief judge is compelled to review the case and verify its outcome.

Somewhere in this process, the idea of finding justice is lost. How is that justice? I put this question in this editorial because I have read public complaints in the Courier from residents who believe that they were treated unfairly. Over the years, prisons have gone from a state-run entity to a private enterprise.

Unequal Incarceration Rates In the U. In my own case, I have to wonder whether there are checks and balances in place to safeguard against any individual judge who decides a case based on anything other than the facts and evidence presented.

Before you blame it all on behavior, police seem to disproportionately target certain people for arrests. Nearly 90 percent of Americans believe that campaign cash affects courtroom decisions — and alarmingly, nearly half of state court judges believe the same. And across the country, legislators have sought to curtail the independence and power of state courts.

In state courts, which hear 95 percent of all cases, judicial elections are awash in money. Winning Trumps Justice With pressure from the state to obtain convictions, prosecutors are forced to play a game where being on the winning side is more important than being on the right side.

As usual in this country, follow the money for the answer. Courts have also been put on defense. How do you help convince a country that black and brown people are dangerous criminals?

Through research, policy development, public education, and litigation, the Brennan Center promotes measures to protect judicial independence, achieve a diverse bench, and guard against political pressure and special interest influence on the courts.Examining all of its flaws, the court system seems like another oppressive force rather than an institution that provides justice.

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Under the U.S. court system, lawyers file cases they have no business filing, cases that win on appeal. Our Constitution guarantees everyone a fair day in court. But the promise of evenhanded justice in America is increasingly at risk.

In state courts, which hear 95 percent of all cases, judicial elections are awash in money. Nearly 90 percent of Americans believe that campaign cash affects courtroom decisions – and alarmingly, nearly half of state court.

Feb 24,  · Judge Kuenhold seems to be a capable judge; he shows wisdom and fortitude when addressing issues such as our water problems, but as he is the district's chief judge, and with that I believe goes.  The American Criminal Court System Sami-Marcia Donovan CJA/ June 7, Gwendolyn Burrell Abstract Some say that crime is increasing, while others argue that crime is decreasing, in any event, it is not stopping and the Criminal Court System plays a crucial part in ensuring the safety of the American people and the communities they.

Sep 14,  · How your weight and the time of day can decide the outcome of your court case. Sections ; Home; The U.S. court system is criminally unjust.

and guided by fair-minded judges and juries of.

Is the court system fair
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