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How do online customer reviews affect your opinion of a local business? This could be because time-poor consumers are moving away from fully reading reviews and are instead opting to make quick decisions based on the star rating and quantity of reviews.

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Potential customers could also be turning to competitors with a higher quantity of online reviews that back up the trustworthiness of the star rating. This surprising find suggests that the Local studies of restaurant content of a review is becoming less important.

If such incremental changes continue, could every consumer soon be reading reviews as part of their decision-making process? Do you trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

As seen below, the sheer quantity of reviews adds credence to star ratings, with consumers more likely to trust the average star rating of a business with many reviews.

A poor customer experience could bring the average star rating down, which could lead to a business being automatically blacklisted by a significant number of consumers. How many consumer reviews does a business need before you believe its Average Star Rating?

Consumers expect to see a significant number of reviews in order to trust the average star rating, and therefore to trust the business. How many online reviews do you read before you can trust a business?

This follows on from the trend of negativity seen above. While a relatively small proportion of consumers expect to see a large number of reviews, failing to meet such expectations could mean losing out on a significant chunk of potential customers at the first hurdle.

Do you read online reviews to determine if a business is good or bad? There also appears to be a growing level of apathy or lack of concern about negative reviews. How recent does an online review need to be to impact your decision?

When judging a local business on reviews, what do you pay attention to? This leap shows the growing importance of responding to reviews quickly and professionally, addressing any negative comments with further context or information on how the criticism has led to change.

With consumers paying more attention to this than sentiment, businesses must consider what they can do to earn that coveted five-star reputation. This extra click to read reviews could be putting consumers off delving deeper and encouraging them to make decisions based on the summary information within search results.

This shows that although trust in reviews is at an all-time high, review platforms need to do more to encourage faith in review scores and convince this minority that reading reviews is a reliable way of assessing the quality of a business.

Businesses, too, can limit the impact of unjust or false claims by closely monitoring reviews.

This enables them to react more quickly, taking all feedback on board politely and professionally, and notifying review platforms of any fake reviews found. Consumers generally expect businesses to acquire reviews regularly, so those that struggle to get these may risk people losing trust in them.

Keeping on top of reputation means regular checks on ratings across different review sites. This is likely to be tied to the growing number of consumers who expect businesses to have a significant number of online reviews see Q9.

For consumers to continue to trust online reviews as much as the recommendations of peers, the top review sites must focus on building an unbiased base of reviewers, and react quickly to those posting inauthentic reviews.Free reports, case studies and white papers from killarney10mile.com and our partners.

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Studies on Restaurant Food Handling and Food Safety Practices

Local Love | 6 Strategies to Incorporate Local Community in a Branded Environment. Information. Below is useful information about visiting and searching the Local Studies Collection, ordering images and details of our ongoing work. The Infatuation is an app and website, which uses a small team of local editors who dine anonymously to rate and review restaurants.

Each restaurant gets a rating, so that you can find the right place for every occasion. This page lists completed EHS-Net food safety studies with a focus on restaurant food handling and food safety practices. Objective: To describe recordkeeping practices of beef grinding activities in retail establishments.

Publication: Recordkeeping practices of beef grinding activities at retail. We had dinner at a local restaurant. The police have arrested a local man for the crime. This is a local shop for local people: we don't get.

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BrightLocal's Local Consumer Review Survey explores how customers use online consumer reviews when choosing which businesses to visit and buy from. Whether it’s choosing a new restaurant to visit as a tourist in a new town or finding a reliable plumber to fix a leak at short notice, reviews have become the way of life for nearly everyone.

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Local studies of restaurant
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