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In the example, that means one new client each week for 40 weeks. While you can plot your course with care and extreme precision, there are still many outside forces at play. Quickly, and without analysis, figure out the amount of income, sales volume, and number of sales that would demonstrate you are well on your way to the success you envision.

Document your current situation and update it as often as it changes. It is very easy to become emotionally attached to a deal, but by sticking to your criteria, you take the emotion out of the picture. If your farm area is largely young tech workers, you might have better luck with Facebook advertising and a solid social media presence on Instagram.

For more information on creating a business plan, check out: Your friends, family, former co-workers and business associates are all in your circle. For example, Contactually not only stores all of your leads in certain categories but real estate business planning you when to follow up.

Choose the day of the week to spend 30 to 60 minutes on that activity. Consider what shortcomings are costing you money now and how you would increase your production if you improved them. How many other agents or brokerages are there in the area?

What are your backup plans? If you are choosing to flip homes to generate cash in order to save up enough to quit your job — write that down.

You could then go on to describe how you will use your advertising skills to bring in buyer and seller clients in SoHo utilizing a solid Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns. That means standing up, stretching way up, left, right, and back.

Were the goals reasonable to achieve, impossible, or too easy?

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What experiences do you have that set you apart from your competitors? Make a list of your dream priorities in every aspect of your life. Where do you see the market already saturated, and where are there opportunities for expansion and growth?

Focusing on the activities leads to frustration and self-criticism. The other half will be sales to buyers. On Wednesdays, you invest time in your print marketing.

Steps to a Better Business Plan 1. How will you do that? What do you want real estate to help you to achieve? Do you flip, lease option, wholesale, bird dog, sell the note, sell the entity holding title, rent and hold, or some other technique? What would an ideal, but feasible next ten years look like?

How will they benefit? In your executive summary, you could say that you plan to work in SoHo and focus on doorman rental buildings to start, and then work your way up to luxury co-ops. You may come across bumps in the road, dead ends, and even a breakdown or two.

Each demographic requires different approaches to lead generation. Then keep improving it. As a beginner, choose an area you feel most comfortable with. Put that on your calendar and start immediately. Too many new investors get excited and buy the first deal that comes their way.

Outline Your Personal Expenses You cannot accurately create business fiscal goals without knowing what your personal expenses are that you need to cover.Rich Levin is a national real estate speaker and sales coach. His company, Rich Levin's Success Corps Inc., Rochester, N.Y., takes a "whole business approach" to coaching, focusing not only on essential sales skills such as presenting and prospecting, but also quality of life and personal finance.

Our customizable template helps you create a real estate business plan that outlines what success looks like—for you and your clients—so you can have your best year yet.

Take control of your real estate business.

Jot down your real estate business goals, clarify the status of your finances, profile your target customers, and more. A Real Estate Business Plan is a Living Document.

For both agents and brokerages, a business plan is a living document, meaning that you don’t “set it and forget it.” The best real estate business plan is one that evolves with you and one that you continue to tweak and alter things as your business grows.

Having a real estate business plan is essential to the growth of any agent or agency. Make this your best year ever by planning for success and taking action. On-Demand Webinar: Save money. Beginning a new real estate agent career is exciting, but it is a business. Since it's a business, you need a new real estate agent business plan.

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Real estate business planning
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