The life of hazrat inayat khan and the concept of universal sufism

Nothing is right to either him or her; and for that poor person life is death.

Universal Sufism: Wikis

Beliefs Universal Sufis subscribe to the doctrine of Panentheism. We do not need to think or trouble about its greatness while it is yet so small, for the greatness of everything is according to our own idea; and there is One only Who can be called Great, and that is God.

There are also various groups who do not adhere to any particular order, but who are dedicated to the teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, these often meet together but are not affiliated to any organised form of Universal Sufism.

Those who know Sufism from superficial writings, and, sometimes from translations of the Arabic or Persian literature, are apt to think that Sufism is the mystical side of Islam. This series of lectures may be considered his magnum opus.

This is why it is said that humans have free-will. It is certain, since it is no man-made enterprise, it is the Message of God and Truth must be successful. Zikr - Remembrance of the spiritual in daily life. Here he decided to follow the Chishti Sufi path and find a guide, or murshidto teach him Sufi beliefs.

The Sufis of all nations are one. The fourth characteristic of the Sufi is to fulfill their obligations in life, to think what is expected to be done by all those with whom they comes in contact in life, to answer all demands to the best of their ability, willingly, patiently.

Books by Hazrat Inayat Khan These are available from the contacts at the main centres. The second part is autobiographical. The Sufi rises above it, taking all things as they come, patiently.

If this person thinks of their health, that they have many complaints to make about different pains and aches and disagreeable things they feel, and if they think of their friends and foes, then they have many things to say about them.

He explores the science of breath, the law of rhythm, the creative process, and both the healing power and psychological influence of music and sound. The Way Of Illumination.

Coordinators are teachers-in-training but are not authorized to give spiritual practices or initiations. The Aphorisms at the end are sayings noted down by his pupils which Hazrat Inayat Khan expressed at different times and places to soothe or clarify the seeker.

The mystery of sound is mysticism; the harmony of life is religion. From time to time, the Pir head of the Order may prescribe practices for the Mureeds students to do as well. Naturally I could not tell them that it is a Universal Message of the time, for every one is not ready to understand this.

Inayat Khan

I learnt later why a derwish soul like me, indifferent to the life of the world, constantly attracted to solitude, was set in the midst of the worldly life.

And how can one be a successful worker? He suggests that the art of personality is the completion of nature and the culmination of heredity.

Purposes of the Sufi Message

There is a precedent of masters of the Chishti and some other orders not requiring non-Muslim followers to convert to Islam. As to the devotion of many among my mureeds, I have not the slightest doubt.

So my mureeds must work harmoniously with the thought of cooperation. Karma - Inayat Khan did not speak of the term Karma, but he did refer to it using the terms "Law of Reciprocity" see Sufi Thought number 5. Once a person stands to work in the cause of God and humanity, he or she does not consider themselves.

The tests that my life was destined to go through were not of a usual character, and were also not a small trial for her. It helps you to discover your very being at the same time as hinting practicial solutions for your daily life: There is one master; the guiding spirit of all souls that constantly leads all followers toward the light.

Hazrat Inayat Khan set forth three goals that he hoped Universal Sufis would strive to achieve: Studies of Sufism include institutions and activities, such as lectures and seminars, which provide information about Sufism and act as a cultural liaison between the Sufis and the public.

Sufism existed before Mohammed, before Jesus Christ, before Abraham. Khan returned to India at the end of and there chose the site of his tomb, the Nizamuddin Dargah complex in Delhi where the founder of the Nizami Chishtiyya, Shaykh Nizamuddin Auliya diedis buried.

The person who is conscious of honour, morality, sincerity, who is sympathetic and shows devotion is the one who is "religious.

A Personal Account

I have always refrained from taking the side of any particular nation in my work, and have tried to keep my Movement free from any political shadows.

It is by this continual sacrifice that she has shown her devotion to the Cause. The third part contains four short plays written by Hazrat Inayat Khan for his pupils. The book contains one saying for each day of the year.All beliefs, philosophies and scientific discoveries apply to the exact same reality.

When we focus on what it is that all of these revelations hold in common, their differences will not stand in our way. Universal Sufism is based on the work of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. True to the versatility of life, his message has given rise to a rich mélange of outfits, all journeying together on the same path.

Inayat Khan Rehmat Khan Pathan (Urdu: عنایت خان ‎; 5 July – 5 February ) was the founder of the Sufi Order in the West in (London) and teacher of Universal Sufism.

He initially came to the West as a Northern Indian classical musician, having received the honorific " Tansen " from the Nizam of Hyderabad, but he soon turned to the Children: Vilayat,Hidayat,Lady Nora Baker.

published in the Complete Works of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, I (East-West, ), and his lectures on the Persian Sufi poets have also appeared in The Hand of Poetry (Omega, ). The symbol of Universal Sufism is the Tughra Inayati or the "Winged Heart", designed by the dervish Hafizullah in honor of Inayat Khan.

Books by Hazrat Inayat Khan

The winged heart is an old Sufi symbol, and was chosen by Inayat Khan as the seal of the. Hazrat Inayat Khan.

Inayati Order

likes. Hazrat Inayat Khan is a great sufi mystic, founder of Universal Sufi lineage:) On this page we're going to share his wisdom!

The life of hazrat inayat khan and the concept of universal sufism
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