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But since Wikipedia joins multiple sources of information about you together, something that is not known to readers of one external source may suddenly be known just because Wikipedia readers are given instant access to multiple sources. Writing gives us a chance to turn the tides on consumerism.

For example, the Peanut Corporation of America wound up with a Wikipedia article as a result of a food safety scandal. Biographies of living persons BLP ensures that write article about someone having information must be extremely well-sourced. Writers are uniquely gifted to find meaning for themselves and to help others find meaning.

Undue weight ensures that information is placed in proper perspective and that balance is maintained. The amount of creative writing programs at universities have exploded from about 50 in the s to over just in the US. Any editor may add material to or remove material from the article within the terms of our content policies.

If you write in Wikipedia about yourself, your group, your company, or your pet idea, once the article is created, you have no right to control its contentand no right to delete it outside our normal channels. Neutral point of view ensures coverage of all angles, not just the negative ones, unless that is the subject of a "legitimate" content fork.

Any negative coverage about you has probably been known already to someone. The psychiatrist Victor Frankl posited that the main search of mankind is not happiness or pleasure but meaning.

Articles here are not sales brochures. They may be good or bad, depending on your expectations. Early American Life History buffs, take heed. OK, this is all a vast over-simplification, but what can I say?

The neutral point of view NPOV policy will ensure that both the good and the bad about you will be told, that whitewashing is not allowed, and that the conflict of interest COI guideline limits your ability to edit out any negative material from an article about yourself.

Background Getting attention is not always a good thing An article about yourself is nothing to be proud of. Writing draws us into the moment. We see the blades of grass, hear the miniscule chirp of the morning cricket, watch the shade travel from one edge of the yard to the other, seemingly for the first time.

Writing and Remembering: Why We Remember What We Write

In many cases this will often include criticism of the company. We want to bring new things to life, to mold things into the image we have in our imaginations, to subdue the earth. Some comforting thoughts Believe it or not, Wikipedia will usually treat you more kindly than the rest of the world.

Humans have a built in need to make our mark on the world. In fact, such attempts are considered disruptive and a violation of our NPOV policy.

Why We Write: Four Reasons

Have you written for magazines that pay similar rates? The magazine sometimes offers travel and expense reimbursement. More than one user has created an article only to find themself presented in a poor light long-term by other editors.

They prefer personal writing but they also accept pieces about political and cultural issues. That person, however, may examine the notability of the article, or look out for other issues it may have. Many articles on companies and organizations have their own criticism sections.

If your name was never previously found via a Google search, and suddenly there is an article about you, it may lead to dozens of Google hits that are all some variation of either the current or a previous version of the article.

Not scandal mongering or gossip keeps your article from becoming a yellow journalism hit piece. As it happens, I have quite a background in the anthropology of memory, none of which did me any good reviewing the psychological literature.

Seeking fame comes with a price, and part of that price may be an article here! Reverts of BLP violations are even exempt from the three-revert rule.

And if you post be sure to comment on a few posts by other writers. In fact, there are lots of publications that will pay you a premium to write for them. If there is an article about you, and your name is googled, especially if it is uncommon, chances are the article will come up as one of the first hits.

Even if there is nothing bad to say about you, vandalism on Wikipedia is quite common, and most articles are vandalized by someone at one time or another. Prose pays around 25 cents per word.

Even if one day the article looks great, it may tell something very different the next. Vandalism consists of a variety of additions, removals, and other changes, often including hate speech possibly against your ethnicity or the cause you stand forprofanity, inappropriate images, external links, or just random characters.

Spatial tasks are handled by another part of the brain, and the act of linking the verbal information with the spatial relationship seems to filter out the less relevant or important information. The BLP policy actually applies to every living person, not just the subject of articles here.Feb 28,  · How to Write Articles.

Five Parts: Have someone else read your article. Try showing the article to a friend, teacher, or other trusted individual to read it.

Wikipedia:An article about yourself isn't necessarily a good thing

Does this person understand the points you’re trying to make? Does he follow your logic?81%(95). As someone who writes over a hundred blog posts every year -- averaging over 1, words each -- I’ve learned a thing or two about choosing topics. So, here are eleven things to write about. There's more competition among writers than ever and fewer people reading.

Why do we write in the face of this competition? Here are 4 reasons why we write. Home; Articles; Books. 14 PROMPTS (FREE!) 10 STEPS TO BECOME A WRITER (FREE!) SCRIVENER SUPERPOWERS; Why We Write: Four Reasons. Get Paid to Write Articles: 10 Magazines That Pay $ or More.

by TWL Team. Have someone correct your writing that knows your writing style. Many of the times I had my writing proofread, they ended up changing the initial meanings and expression I intended to convey, again, taking away the creative elements, making it something more.

Sep 07,  · In my nearly 30 years at universities, I have seen a lot of very talented people fail because they couldn't, or didn't, write.

10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly. Advice 10 Tips on How to Author: Michael C. Munger. Oct 20,  · Now that you have your facts, if your editor has not already assigned the type of article, decide what kind of article you’re writing.

Ask yourself whether this is an opinion article, an unbiased and straightforward 82%().

Write article about someone having
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